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Miami And Key West - My First Solo Trip !

Updated: May 29, 2023

Miami - The name says a lot about awesome beaches, but Miami has a lot more to that. I hope I can add a lot from my exploration about Miami. This was the most memorable trip and my first Solo trip !

It was just a random plan of visiting Miami as a solo traveler. So, I booked my flight and a hostel (I always wanted to stay at a hostel). I landed in Miami around midnight and took a cab to the hostel. I settled that night, had a good night sleep and was ready for my next day to the Everglades Safari Park and Airboat Rides. Well I already had my bus booked and was ready to take off for my day 1.

Day 1 - The bus left early morning and reached the park on time. The Airboat ride was fun after watching the slow pace of the Alligators and half asleep Turtles. In the Safari Park, a man showed us how to tame an alligator (which was pretty scary). He showed us Scorpios, a massive frog and of course taming the alligators in his hand. It was scary, creepy and I had a lot of fun.

Becoming friends with Strangers !

It was already afternoon when I came back to the hostel after those adventurous rides and watching reptiles. I was staying at the Freehand Miami Hostel with 8 other females from different countries. How cool is that ! I was hungry. I ordered sandwich at the restaurant in the hostel and head towards the pool side to take my seat. I suddenly heard a voice calling me "Hey there", I turned. She was apparently one of my roommates at the hostel. We started talking to each other. I talked about my crazy travel stories I had so far and her story inspired me to the core. She told me that she sold everything and quit her job to travel to South America for 10 months. She was from Latvia. We became friends instantly. I requested her to come with me Miami downtown to walk around the city a bit since I already planned that before. So she agreed and we went to a market place in downtown. She wanted some candies and we just roamed around over there. We even took the metro to just check out the city though the windows. It was too much fun. We headed to an amazing street art place called the Wynwood Walls. We were amazed to see the amount of beautiful street art on the walls. It was some reminiscent kind of an experience. We had too fun that evening. We ate, we traveled, we shopped and enjoyed the evening. We shared each others social contacts and pledged to keep contact. That was one of the best days of my life.

I had to sleep early because the next day I was traveling to Key west. I got up in the morning to find a postcard with a message written in hand by her. I still have that and will cherish that for a lifetime. She left last night and sad part I could not give any memory to her in return. Nevertheless we are still in touch. She is one of the beautiful souls that I came across.

So Day 2, My bus was booked for Key west. On our way, the bus stopped and I was hungry and head to grab my breakfast. When I came back to my seat I saw a very grumpy-looking woman sitting beside me. She looked quite angry. Well I continued eating and was enjoying the bus ride. Well I was happy. I could see corals. I took the boat ride to the the Florida Straits. I was in the middle of nowhere to be honest. I even checked my GPS. I liked it though. I took a lot of pictures and was mesmerized by the gushing wind touching my face and yeah it was soothing and comforting to say the least. On my way back to Miami, this woman sat next to me again and she broke the ice and spoke to me. She started the conversation and I understood that she wasn't happy since the bus stopped so long in the morning, that's why she was grumpy. We talked about travels and stories. We continued our conversation and could connect very easily. Oh my, I found another travel companion. Oh wow, now that's what I love about travel. We meet so many people and share stories, culture, language and bonding that are beyond boundaries.We have kept contact and share our stories and experiences with each other.

Day 3 - I was alone and chilling on the beach. So I did that and stared at the hot guys with bare bodies on the beach. I had lunch at this impressive Cuban food. It was yummy. I walked my way back to the hostel cherishing the weather, the city and the ambiance. So that ends my journey in Miami & Key West.

I would like to share my thoughts and experiences on Solo trips. I think solo trip liberates you like nothing else in this world can. It teaches you what life has to offer you. The most terrific experience whether good or bad makes you a better person. It elevates your confidence and makes you street smarter as an individual. I would suggest to try taking a Solo Trip at least once in your life and preferably stay at a hostel. I am so amazed what life offered me and I had the most thrilling and unforgettable experience of my life.

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